From Administrative Resolution 13-03. Click here for the complete Resolution.



Section 3.  Use of Pools:


3.1. Swimming Pools:  The swimming pool is defined as the entire fenced-in area surrounding the outdoor pool and the entire closed-in area surrounding the indoor pool.  Members in good standing and their adult guests, 18 years and older, may use the pools whenever they are open. Certain areas of the indoor pool may be reserved for exercise classes.  Hours of operation shall be published and posted at each pool.


3.2. Guests: Each dwelling unit may have eight guests at the pool; but one qualified resident must sign in and stay with the guests.  For every two (2) non adults at the pool, one adult who is capable of swimming must be present at all times. If the responsible adult swimmer must leave the pool area, the non adult guest(s) must vacate the pool. Children in diapers (including swim diapers), or younger than three (3) years, are not permitted in either pool. Children three (3) years and older must be fully toilet-trained to use either pool. Children five (5) years and older must use the gender-appropriate bathroom. All children will be limited to specific days and times for using the pools at the discretion of the Activities Director. All guests need to be signed in, but the resident does not need to remain in the pool area for those guests 18 years or older.


3.3. Risk of Use:  Residents and guests assume all risks and responsibilities when using either pool and are personally liable for any and all injuries or damage suffered.


3.4. Pool Monitor:  If a monitor is on duty at the pools, that person is responsible for enforcing the pool rules.  The concierge is responsible for enforcing rules, when no attendant is on duty. All residents and guests are required to cooperate. 


3.5. Equipment, Towels and Lane Ropes:  Residents and guests are required to bring their own towels. Equipment used for water classes is the Community Center’s property and must be returned after use. The bells, weights and belts are for water aerobics only and not for use by children. Children are allowed to use kickboards and noodles.  Chaise lounges and chairs must be covered with towels before use.  Removing lounges and chairs from the pool or saving them for persons not present in the pool area is prohibited. Hanging or lying on lane ropes is prohibited.


3.6 Floats: Water wings, wearable personal flotation devices (PFDs) and swim noodles are permitted in both pools. Inner tubes, air mattresses, rafts and other large flotation devices while never permitted in the indoor pool are permitted in the outdoor pool, except when children are present during family swim time.


3.7. Showers:  Residents and guests must shower before entering either pool.


3.8. Food and Beverages:  No food is allowed within the indoor pool area.  Water in unbreakable containers is permitted. Glass is prohibited. Food and beverages may be consumed on the veranda or within the outdoor pool at the seating area.  Residents and guests are responsible for cleaning up after use.


3.9. Hours:  Swimming is permitted only during published hours. Hours may be changed at the discretion of the Activities Director.


3.10. Admission:  Prior to entering either pool, residents must scan their activity card and sign guests in with the concierge.  Admission to either pool will be denied to any person who appears intoxicated or contagious.


3.11 Prohibited and Inappropriate Activities: Diving is prohibited in both pools. Running, excessive noise, hazardous activities, i. e. “horseplay” (pushing, dunking, running, flipping into the pool, throwing objects other than Nerf balls, beach balls, and volley balls, and climbing on any structure including lane ropes) is prohibited. Voices must be kept at a normal conversational level. Radios and other audio equipment may be used only with earphones or earbuds. Pets other than service dogs are not permitted in the swimming pool area.


3.12. Attire:  Appropriate swim attire is required for all pool users.  Street clothes, cut-offs and shorts are prohibited.  Bobby pins, hair pins and similar objects must be removed before swimming.  Wet swimsuits shall not be worn at any time in the common areas of the Community Center. Shoes or sandals are to be worn going to and from both pools.


3.13. Trash:  Trash must be disposed of in the receptacles provided.


3.14. Spa:  The spa is reserved for residents and guests 18 and older.


3.15 Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in the swimming pool areas.


3.16.      Electrical Storms: Both pools will be closed at the first sound of thunder or appearance of lightning and remain closed for 30 minutes after the last the sound of thunder and appearance of lightning.