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Last Updated on 04/18/2015


The Finance Committee will be meeting on Monday at 11:00 am at the Center, instead of Tuesday at 3:00 pm.



Greetings to All:  At the next meeting of the Republican Club on Tuesday, April 28th, at 7 PM as usual, Susan Stimpson, our former supervisor, and candidate in the primary for the  seat held by Bill Howell in the House of Delegates  will be speaking.  

A question and answer period will follow.

Also visiting will be Chief Sheriff's Deputy Major David Decatur running for Sheriff.

Light refreshments will be served.

All are most welcome.

Leonard Bogaev

Falls Run Republican Club



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Draft Agenda for April 22 FRCABOD meeting added (posted Apr 18)


Finance Committee meeting date for April changed (posted Apr 16)


Minutes of the April 10 Community Center Committee added (posted Apr 14)


Next meeting of the Falls Run Republican Club announced (posted Apr 13)


Friends of the Library Plant Sale announced (posted Apr 10)


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Scheduled Board and Committee Meetings

FRCA Board - Working Meeting every 4th Wednesday at 6 PM at the Center. Open meeting at 7 PM
Villa Board - Click here for the Villa Board meeting schedule
Communications Committee - 1st Wednesday each month at 1 PM - Center
Community Center Committee - 2nd Friday of each month at 1 PM - Center
Covenants Committee: 1st Thursday of each month at 1 PM - Center
Election Committee: When announced, starting in July
Finance Committee - 3rd Tuesday of each month at 3 PM - Center

Gazette Committee- 1st Monday each month at 10 AM - Center
Modifications Committee - 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10 AM - Center
Property & Grounds Committee - 1st Wednesday of each month at 10 AM - Center
Social Committee -1st Tuesday of each month at 10 AM - Center
Travel Committee - 3rd Wednesday of each month at 11 AM - Center

All Falls Run Residents are welcome and are encouraged to attend